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Remote clinical trials that are easy to implement and easy to follow

Copilot is the only solution offering plug-and-play management of all stages of a clinical trial. Copilot is a cloud-based platform that allows evaluators to easily plan and collect data from clinical trials, whether performed in the lab or at home.

Configure the trial schedule, the questions volunteers must answer, and the measurements they must perform

Define the study schedule, at each stage you can submit a form to your volunteers. In the forms, you can ask volunteers to answer questions, take measurements or take photos with the devices we provide to you.

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Perform connected trials seamlessly

Complete and intuitive solution for remote and in research centers clinical trials

Accelerate the implementation of your studies, simplify their follow-up, automate analyzes and guarantee a smooth progress for each of your clinical trials.

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Create your workspace, design your studies online and test them with our iOS and Android app.

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